Citadel Garden Club

The Citadel Garden Club of LaVista Park was founded soon after the neighborhood was established. Today it consists of charter members, as well as a growing number of new faces ... all with varying levels of interest in gardening. In other words, membership is not limited to "serious gardeners". In fact, some folks admit to joining for the food that's served after each meeting. The Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM. Guest speakers present informative and entertaining programs on gardening and related subjects. A lively social hour follows the meeting. New members are invited and dues are $15 per year per person. For more information, contact Ken Duke at gardenclub(at)lavistapark.org (replace the (at) with @).

Citadel Garden Club Officers

President - Ken Duke
Vice-President for Programs - OPEN
Secretary - Donna Newman
Treasurer - Claire Janas

  Click here to visit Leaf Talk to read the latest meeting minutes