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Dog - Found in snowstorm and now lost  January 28th, 2011
We found this abandoned dog in Virginia-Highland during the snowstorm. We took him to a vet, who gave him a rabies shot and exam. He was taking medicine and is due for another round in Feb. We already paid for medicine and can donate it. It was never our intention to keep him because of our... [Read More]
Finding Your Lost Dog  December 22nd, 2010
Finding Your Lost Dog Dog Finder Tips When Your Pet Gets Lost .addthis_default_style .at300b, .addthis_default_style .at300m{padding:0px;} .at300bs{background:none !important;} ... [Read More]
Using Personality Clues to Find a Lost Dog  December 22nd, 2010
Using Personality Clues to Find a Lost Dog “Don’t inhibit your chances of finding your pet by having a “wait and see” attitude. Start searching immediately. Only in the movies do dogs like Lassie find their way home after a long and harrowing journey.” ... [Read More]
How Personality Clues Help Find Lost Cats  December 22nd, 2010
How Personality Clues Help Find Lost Cats Cat Personalities are Key to Knowing Where Your Pet Might Be .addthis_default_style .at300b, .addthis_default_style .at300m{padding:0px;} .at300bs{background:none... [Read More]
Found Dog - needs a good home  June 28th, 2009
Shane Cannady of 114 Wild Creek Trail found a Pit Bull last week at Wild Creek and Citadel.  He plans on trying to find him a home if he can't find his owner by Monday. Shane Cannadyshane_cannady@bellsouth.net678-640-7241 Info: Stafforshire Terrior / Pit Bull Found on Tuesday, 6/16 Collar, no... [Read More]
Animal Control Ordinance Changes  February 17th, 2009
DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer Vernon Jones and the Board of Commissioners approved some major changes to the DeKalb County Animal Control ordinance. Burrell Ellis, Presiding Officer of the Board of Commissioners, introduced revisions to the Animal Control ordinance, which regulates outdoor... [Read More]

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