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How to formulate a letter to your lawmaker

Posted: February 17th, 2009 @ 10:03pm


Dear Senator _______

PARA 1. Purpose of letter: What you want your lawmaker to do

I urge you to oppose S. 851, the Wetlands Reform Act of 1995

PARA 2. Why this bill is important to you: personalize your letters

I live next to a beautiful marsh. Thanks to federal and state wetlands laws, I am serenaded by red-wing blackbirds and bullfrogs who return every Spring. Living next to a undisturbed wetland has also increased the value of my property. But, wetlands also support a thriving sports fishing industry that brings millions of dollars into our community. That is why laws that protect wetlands and other valuable natural resources are so important.

PARA 3. What's wrong/right with bill

I am extremely concerned about S. 851, the Wetlands Reform Act of 1995. This bill, introduced by Senators Johnston and Faircloth, would reduce or remove most wetlands from federal protection. S. 851 redefines 60-80% of wetlands out of existence, and then goes on to provide massive loopholes for special interests, exempting millions more acres of wetlands from protection.

PARA 4. Reaffirm your commitment to this issue

I cannot emphasize to you the importance I put on your vote against S. 851. There are few things as important to sustaining life than clean water. Wetlands naturally filter out pollutants from runoff, costing a lot less than water treatment facilities.

PARA 5. Ask for a response

I look forward to hearing your position on this issue.


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