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Home > News > Office of Neighborhood Empowerment (OneDeKalb) Annual Report

Office of Neighborhood Empowerment (OneDeKalb) Annual Report

A Message from Dekalb County CEO Burrell Ellis

Posted: December 2nd, 2010 @ 5:11pm


 PO Box 1483 -- Stone Mountain, GA 30086

 Dear Neighbors,

 The Office of Neighborhood Empowerment (OneDeKalb) is the vehicle
through which we promote community engagement, facilitate
neighborhood capacity-building and increase the flow of information
to citizens about county departments and programs. In one short year
since its inception, OneDeKalb has rallied hundreds of neighborhood
groups in our community.

 Through information gathered at last year's neighborhood summit, we
learned your top priorities for our neighborhood empowerment are to
establish a liaison to coordinate county services with neighborhoods,
create a formal structure to work with community organizations, give
stakeholders a voice in government, and provide neighborhoods with
training, tools and resources necessary for effective civic

 The Office of Neighborhood Empowerment has now issued its REPORT TO
THE COMMUNITY FALL 2009 - FALL 2010. In this report, we highlight how
OneDeKalb has worked toward these goals, empowering DeKalb citizens to
make positive contributions in their communities, and eliminating the
gulf between county government and the people it serves. To read the
report, please click here

 With this year's summit, we look to further the relationship that
was established during our 2009 event. We will ask you again to share
with us your opinions on critical issues that impact your
neighborhoods, and any innovative ideas you have for making DeKalb a
better community for all of us.

 We are all stakeholders in DeKalb. Our county government, by itself,
cannot bring about the change and the progress needed to create
DeKalb's brighter future. We must have active participation and
involvement from all who call our community home to ensure that your
priorities remain DeKalb County's priority.

 Thank you.

 Burrell Ellis

 Your DeKalb County CEO


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