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Campaign to Keep Briar Vista School Open

Attend January 3 or 10th Board of Education Meetings

Posted: December 15th, 2010 @ 9:58pm

School closings don't just affect those with children in the school system.
Our neighborhood  - and pocketbook - benefits from having Briar Vista
Elementary School across the road in the Woodland Hills Subdivision.

In addition to providing our neighborhood children with an excellent
Montessori and Traditional eduction, the school provides tangible ecnomic
and safety benefits to our neighborhood:

   - Blocks with vacant buildings have 3.2 times as many drug calls, 1.8
   times as many theft calls, and twice the number of violent calls to police
   as blocks without vacant buildings.
   - vacant buildings are more likely to experience fires, many of which
   are acts of arson
   - vacant buildings reduce the property values of homes in the surrounding
   - having vacant or abandoned buildings nearby can increase your
   homeowners insurance premiums

Please join parents of Briar Vista students in our campaign to keep our
school open. You can help by:

   - Attending the Board of Education meetings referenced below on January 3
   or January 10
   - Contacting our county commissioners and Board of Education members
   directly to ensure that they understand that our neighborhood schools are
   important to the community.

If you have any questions or would like to carpool to the meetings below,
please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Thank you,

Sara Andrews-LVPCA Board of Education Liason


A Message from Matt Huey
President, Briar Vista Elementary PTA

CALL TO ACTION: BVE needs your support in the DCSS Plan to
redistrict or close    The DCSS 2020 Vision facilities evaluations have been
completed and the results are being compiled.  Parent participation is
growing at Briar Vista, but *WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO SPEAK OUT* in order to
be heard by the DeKalb Board of Education.

*CALL TO ACTION:* We need your commitment to attend a DCSS meeting in the
new year to show our commitment to Briar Vista. There are 2 very important
ones coming up after the holidays:

   - Monday, January 3rd

   - Monday, January 10th

Details on these meetings and other important information, can be found on
the DCSS link on the PTA website. * I encourage ALL of you to take an ACTIVE
role to support our school and your child's education.*

Below is a recap of the DeKalb BOE meeting held on Monday December 6th.  A
high level overview of the results was presented, and the study of county
schools focused on three major areas:

   - community input
   - demographics/enrollment/capacity
   - facilities adequacy.

*The first area was community input. *Public Charrettes, focus groups,
online surveys, and meetings with school administrators were some of the
methods used to gain input from school stakeholders.  According to community
input, the public is most interested in the equality of opportunities,
right-sizing schools, the inequality in available school programs, and
integrity at the administrative level.

*The second focus was on the demographic, enrollment, and capacity of
Dekalb County Schools. * The county was broken into five "Super Clusters"
made up of 3 to 4 receiver high schools.  Briar Vista is in "Super Cluster
2", which is comprised of Druid Hills, Lakeside, and Tucker high schools.
Within each "Super Cluster", the study focused on criteria like: number of
seats, number of students per class, projected birth rate, projected rate of
relocation to or out of a given area, and projected home building.
Compilation of this data made one thing very clear.  The schools in our
cluster - super cluster 2 - are OVER-UTILIZED. This should make Briar Vista
desirable to receive redistricted students and conversely difficult to
justify closing.

*The final area of focus was school adequacy. * In short, whether or not a
school has sufficient space relative to usage, number of students, etc.
Dekalb County Elementary Schools, on average, scored "FAIR" in this regard.
Dekalb Middle Schools scored on the low side of "Good", and our High Schools
scored in the "Poor" range.  With the population of the super cluster
projected to continue growing, North Dekalb will soon need more schools.

Briar Vista has shown strong parental participation in the on-line survey
and at the Henderson Middle School Charrette on November 29th.  We had a
solid turn out at this week's Board of Education meeting with ten parents
donning the Briar Vista colors of black and gold.  I had the opportunity to
address the Board directly and let them know that we expect the county to
make proper use of facilities and apply logic when redistricting.

While I feel good about the schools representation so far, *WE STILL NEED
MORE PEOPLE TO GET INVOLVED! *I encourage *ALL* of you to keep a close eye
on the DCSS link<>on
the PTA website for updates on upcoming meetings and our strategy
forward. We have also included a PDF outlining the county's summary of the
Facilities Master Plan.   If you want to get involved with the school's
strategy regarding consolidation and redistricting moving forward, please
contact me directly! <>

Matt Huey
President, Briar Vista Elementary PTA

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