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Posted: April 14th, 2011 @ 2:19pm

Large trees are one of the most enjoyable and characteristic parts of our neighborhood. We have some very big ones, and some very old ones. And, after several years of drought, some very stressed ones. Unfortunately, taking care of or removing these trees can be very expensive.

Many of us have, or know someone who has, a tree that's dead or dying. Most of us have seen the damage that falling trees or even large branches can do, but due to the trouble and expense involved, we often postpone taking care of our trees. So many trees in LaVista Park currently need trimming or removal that the civic association has made a full-fledged project out of it.

We took the first step last summer and fall by soliciting the names of arborists and tree-removal companies that residents used and were happy with. As a result of your input and the Healthy Trees Committeeresearch, we identified a total of 18 tree companies, who responded to a request for services. The committee went through a process that ranked them based on five categories:

1. Professionalism
2. Experience and references
3. Breadth of services offered
4. Price
5. Dependability, resources, bandwidth

In general, it's difficult for the tree companies to give a bulk discount or fixed price on tree removal as circumstances will always be unique depending on the size of a tree, location of the tree, severity of disease, etc. Our goal is for these companies to be able to schedule a consolidated block of work in LaVista Park, more or less camping out here for a couple of weeks and, because of the volume of work, give neighbors a nice discount in exchange.

The top three full-service companies identified are:
Tree Crews – 770-479-9611
Boutee Trees – 404-799-5472
Tree Cowboy – 404-423-8733

The top four mid-service companies identified are: 
DeKalb Tree Service - www.dekalbtree.com770-652-4216
Steve’s Tree Service -  770-474-5565
911 Tree Service - www.gunnisontree.com404-304-5466
Atlanta Tree Arbors – www.atlantatreearbors.com770-256-4599
If you are in need of tree removal/trimming services during the next 60 days and want us to help, we encourage you to email on or before April 30, 2011 with a brief summary of the work needed, including your name, address, telephone, and email contacts. We’ll compile the list and submit to the tree companies to determine a potential bulk rate discount. If you have an immediate need or an emergency situation, we encourage you to contact any of the above tree companies, or another company of your choice directly for an individual bid.
The Healthy Trees Committee believes there is some “real life” experience and history with these companies. We will be able to identify the top two in each of the full and mid-service categories for on-going work. Your future input and feedback will ensure that the companies are providing the level of services desired and/or reflect a need to re-evaluate and re-rank the companies from time-to-time. Developing these contacts and building relationships with the list of tree companies will be invaluable for emergency situations like we had during the ice storms a few years ago that caused several trees to fall, damage homes and block streets. This project will be a work in progress, which we believe could ultimately benefit all neighbors who participate.
Removal of trees should be done in accordance with DeKalb County code requirements:
If you have suggestions for how to improve the Healthy Trees Initiative program, we welcome your ideas. If you want to help work on the project, even better. Please email
If you have an established agreement with an existing company and want to keep it, great. If you want to try companies other than the ones listed above for whatever reason, no problem. What the committee hopes to accomplish is that by having a "preferred" service agreement in place and generating enough volume to make the arrangement mutually satisfactory, neighbors can get discounted pricing, the service company gets to know the needs of the neighborhood and how highly we value saving our trees whenever possible and in the advent of a city-wide storm, we would get preferential emergency service.
The committee volunteers who have coordinated this project are Patrick Campbell, Kevin Rowland, Ken Duke, Donna Newman, Steve Patrick, and Dave Lushbaugh.
Thanks for your input and participation!
Donna Newman
LaVista Park Healthy Trees Initiative Chair
LaVista Park Civic Association Inc. makes no representation or warranty of the services offered. All participants should investigate any services to their own satisfaction.

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