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Kittredge Park - Invasive Species Removal

Friends of Kittredge Park

 Would like to welcome our neighbors, community groups and other interested parties to our 

Sunday June 12 Kittredge Park Community Clean Up


Where: Kittredge Park


What: Park Clean Up, removal of invasive plant species, garbage removal, etc


When: Sunday June 12  from 9 AM to 12 Noon


How to get there: Go to North Druid Hills Rd, turn onto road at the traffic light( across from Car Wash next to Taco Bell) to get behind Adams Stadium (Across from the car wash), follow road to park entrance beside the pool. There will be people or signs there to direct you to the clean up areas inside the park.  Pedestrians may enter the park from the Merry Hills neighborhood but there is limited parking there.


History: Did you know that there is a 33 acre park on North Druid Hills Rd ? There is! And it needs community participation and involvement to make it truly serve our neighborhoods. The park is a mixture of land grants, family and environmental group grants. Dekalb County has earmarked funds to make the park more accessible to everyone and we are making it a reality.


Come help your community, earn merit badges, volunteer, create a natural park with trails and activity areas.


Tools, trash bags, gloves and refreshments provided.





Bill Lide - Secretary

Friends of Kittredge Park

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