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The Park Druid Hills Reworks Plan

Posted: February 17th, 2009 @ 11:04pm

In response to potential tenant feedback and stakeholder input, the owners of Executive Park have evolved their plans for The Park at North Druid Hills. The revised master plan was presented at a public meeting this past Monday, Oct. 6.

The residential portion of this mixed-use plan is presently designated for use as rentals - apartments and retirement housing.

From a project implementation perspective, the team is hoping to stay on track for plan review and recommendation at the October 22 Community Council meeting with an eye towards going in front of the Planning Commission on November 4 and the Board of Commissioners on November 18.

One of the key elements all parties are interested in reviewing is the transportation analysis and recommendations. The project team hopes to have this in hand prior to Oct 22 and, in any case, will make it available to the public prior to public meetings on the project.

For more information on this proposed project, click HERE.

The LVPCA Board of Directors has compiled a list of conditions to append to any rezoning request. To see the Zoning conditions as proposed by LVPCA, click HERE (this will open up a PDF file).

The developer has also included a visual description of the conditions and proposed traffic improvements. Click
HERE to view the file (12mb file, be patient while it opens a PDF file).

UPDATE: 02-16-2009
Presentations have been made to us over the past 18 months by representatives of the Executive Park developer and last updated at our January 2009 quarterly meeting. The rezoning of Executive Park aka The Park Druid Hills is scheduled to be considered by our DeKalb County Board of Commissioners at a February 24, 2009 hearing at 6:30pm at Maloof Auditorium in Decatur.

This matter has previously been deferred and is subject to further deferral. We will send out an email if any official notice of deferral is received prior to the Tuesday meeting. hearing.

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