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Neighborhood Communication made easy!

Posted: February 22nd, 2009 @ 8:19pm

Two of LaVistaPark's many strengths are the timely distribution of information that affects the quality of life of our residents in this, our little urban oasis, and the participation of neighbors in lively discussions on ways to preserve and improve that quality for ourselves and future generations.

That communication is governed by residents' feedback. By participating in those discussions, you will not only build a better relationship with your neighbors, but enable the technology committee to harness that feedback to enhance existing and develop new exciting projects for our residents. The concept of our new forums is simple, and I compare it to our previous Leaf Talk on steroids. The general public is able to read the public side of the forums while our residents have a much larger selection of topics for discussion. Finally each resident can be notified by email when a particular topic has been updated.

One of the notable features of our new forums is the way it is completely integrated in our new Web site. Finally, one logon for all website features! Due to the new integration, it is absolutely essential you keep your User Profile's email address current.

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