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UPDATE - Water and Gas Outage On Beech Haven


Posted: March 29th, 2009 @ 4:32pm

A leaking water main over the last year or so coupled with the heavy rains recently, created a big sink hole near 1269 Beech Haven Rd. Sunday afternoon.  Crews from the DeKalb County Public Works Department were dispatched to the scene and have shut off the water supply and also the natural gas line to this section of Beech Haven.  No word is available when the repairs will be completed.    

UPDATE - Monday 2009-03-30:

You may want to contact DeKalb County Water Department at 770-270-6243 to get information on whether you need to boil water once service has been restored.

DeKalb County recommends flushing your pipes using the front outside tap for about 20 minutes.  According to them, there is no water advisory for our area. 

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