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LaVista Park Civic Association Cares About Our Trees

Posted: February 17th, 2009 @ 9:51pm

Think before you cut trees down. We as a neighborhood want to keep our tree canopy. Please do not cut down more trees than necessary. DeKalb County does have a Tree Ordinance which was printed in our Spring 2001 edition of The Neighborhood News.

Some tree facts from Arbor Atlanta that affect our county:

In the Chamblee area, the loss of 44% of its tree cover has resulted in storm water runoff problems costing $129 million. Tree loss in the Atlanta area have resulted in urban heat islands with temperatures 3-10 degrees above the surrounding countryside. The hot weather dome over the Atlanta area has changed local weather patterns reducing rain in some areas and increasing the intensity of thunderstorms in others.

Heat islands created by tree loss, increase air pollution. When pollutant chemicals are superheated by high temperatures, they become more volatile and interact with each other to create ground level ozone...(when they tell you to stay inside out of the AIR). This is why
Atlanta's most dangerous levels of air pollution occur in the summer.

To meet state sewer standards, the city of Atlanta is spending $240 million to counter effects associated with the loss of tree canopy.

Three shade trees planted strategically around your house can cut A/C bills in half.

Trees create buffers to reduce noise and create a sense of privacy.

The presence of trees in urban neighborhoods has been linked to less crime.

Property values of homes with trees are 5% - 20% higher than those without.

Trees help us breath by taking carbon dioxide out of the air and producing oxygen.

Tree leaves help trap and remove tiny particles of soot and dust which otherwise damage human lungs

Tree roots filter the soil creating clean water.

If you are interested in joining our effort to educate and preserve trees in LaVista Park, please contact us.

Below is a listing of links to tree-related organizations:
     Trees Atlanta
     Arbor Atlanta 

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