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News to Assist Flood Victims in LMM

Posted: September 21st, 2009 @ 9:39pm

From our neighbors across Cheshire Bridge...
From Jane Rawlings, President Lindridge Martin Manor Neighborhood Association ...

As many of you unfortunately know firsthand, LMM has experienced a major flood event unprecedented since Hurricane Ivan. To those of you I spoke with earlier today I again extend my sympathies. I am racing against the water that is at our back door in an effort to get this out to as many folks as possible. I recognize that many residents are without power and hence unable to read this; so I ask that those of you who are more fortunate share this information with your neighbors to the best of your abilities.

Earlier today I spoke with officials in the Department of Watershed Management and they assured me that there has been no system malfunction. The extensive flooding in our neighborhood has been reported to the proper officials.

USGS Website (National Water Information System: Web Interface)
This is a helpful website to view realtime measurements of creek flow and heights.

North Fork Peachtree Creek
South Fork Peachtree Creek

Information from the City of Atlanta

Atlanta Flooding Update (verbatim from City of Atlanta)


The City of Atlanta Department of Public Works maintenance crews are responding to numerous complaints of roadway flooding and street blockages due to down trees and limbs. Our primary focus is barricade placement in advance of these blockages, and barricade placement around road washouts.

The following numbers may be used for emergencies:

Down trees, call the Department of Parks & Recreation at (404) 817-6813

Flooding, call the Department of Watershed Management at (404) 658-6500 or (404) 954-6340 for flooding emergencies

Power outages, call Georgia Power 1-888-891-0938.

The Fulton County Joint Operations Center (JOC) is also available for emergencies/inquires at (404) 546-2606

If You Need Red Cross Assistance
Lt. Chris Collins with Atlanta Fire and Rescue was in the neighborhood earlier today assisting flood victims get available help. His phone number is 404.309.3972.

Local Weather Radar Map


Jane Rawlings
Lindridge Martin Manor Neighborhood Association
Home: 404.315.8408
Cell: 678.206.1461

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